Where can I get a parker optic hippie blk/slv...

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  1. # is 13420
    I HAVE to have one now :yahoo:
    I saw a few on ebay but don't want to buy on ebay.

    Anyone know?? How do I contact the JAX place -- would they have any?

    Thanks so much!!
  2. Since you have the style number, I'd say at least give JAX a try! 1-888-262-6224 is the number, and then you just quote the style number to the SA and they can pull up the info for you!
  3. ok! thanks so much i didn't even know what the phone # was.
    what is the deal with pricing with JAX? can you explain how it works?

  4. I've never ordered from JAX but I believe it is the same pricing you would see on the website or in the FP store. Plus any possible shipping costs and applicable taxes.
  5. You could try your local Macy's as well, they had some there a month or two ago.
  6. I also saw these on sale at Dillard's for 50% off last week. You can always call them to see if they have one and they can ship it to you also.