where can I get a pair of Black & White Cambon Flats size 9?

  1. Hello

    Please help! Is it possible to find these shoes anywhere?
  2. I Also Wanted To Know, But In A Size 5/ 38. I Know In The Uk They Are Expecting Them Around May/ June, So Perhaps You Could Call Them?i Tried To E Mail Chanel But I Could Not Find An Adress To E Mail Them, Anyone Know It? I Also Wanted To Know If The Cambon Shoes Would Be Permanent?
  3. I found one in Singapore. Size 9 is my size. Tried it. Love it. But, I didn't get it. Thot I wanna wait till my trip to HK to check out over there. Can't find any cambon flats there.

    I'm back in Singapore. But have not check out the Chanel flats yet. I'll probably pop by tis weekend to check out. If there's still is, I could only ask them to hold it back for me for 3 days and I have to convince DH to buy me the shoes cos I burnt a big hole in my pocket while in HK.. hahahhahah.