Where can i get a paddington RIGHT NOW?

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  1. I've been to Neimans, but they are sold out! Any suggestions on where to search next?

    P.S. I'd like to buy it in store, so I can touch it, feel it and be 1000000000% sure that I want to invest!
  2. I'd start by combing the Neimans, Saks, Nordstroms, and high-end retailers within a 50-mile radius. Because these bags are so wanted, the waiting lists have been filled for quite some time. I think about the only chance that you will have to purchase one "right now" is if someone drops out of their spot on the list or decides not to purchase it. Unlikely, but worth a shot.

    You could always try ebay, but chances are you'll be overpaying for a real one from a trusted retailer for the sake of peace of mind. And from what we've learned about online retailers, that's a valuable thing ..
  3. I would wait for a pre-order from NM. It's worth the wait. My favorite slouchy, everyday bag! A "use" bag! heavy with stuff in it....but I like it that way! Infact the new ones don't have the same weight any how......Ask Fayden:P
  4. Yeah, get on a list :biggrin: They aren't readily available here either.
  5. Try NAP... they still have the anthracite color, i think.. if thats the color you want.

    I WANT THAT COLOR... ARGHHH.... :cry:
  6. What color are you looking for? NM online still have the silver one.
  7. The NM here in Orlando had a charcoal one in on Friday, but I doubt it's still there.

    I've been calling all the NM, Saks and Nordstrom stores here in Florida without any luck, and yesterday someone at the Nordstrom in Boca Raton transferred me to a store in Paramus, NJ, that according to the girl I spoke to on the phone, is getting them the week ending December 24. I went ahead and pre-ordered a whiskey paddy through that store.

    You can try eBay, I think fayden purchased her wine paddington on eBay. A few posters here know of a couple of sellers who sell authentic ones.
  8. I know who she is - she's a vendor on ebay, under the same name, personalshoppers. From what I've seen her stuff is authentic, and very nice. Fayden bought her wine coloured paddy from her (I still have that auction in my favourites, lol!). Hope this helps.
  9. Ive been wanting a Paddington too. Its just so hard to find. Fayden, was you bag preordered from personalshoppers.com or did they have it on stock?
  10. Come on Baby...go for it you only go round once in this world. A girl can never have too many handbags!:love:
  11. Yes, the eBay seller "PersonalShopper" is legit, but I've often found that (just like DudeILoveYou), you pay a lot more than retail!
  12. like others have said, she's def legit, her stuff looks great.