Where can I get a nice beach tote for under 200????

  1. anyone??

    I'm looking for a tote now cause the Mullberry roxanne isn't exactly the most covienient beach bag (wieght, Sun+leather= I SWEAR ITS FADING)...so now I've decided to go cheaper.......Help me out girls!!!

  2. Bungalow360 cherry tart.jpg Pallie Bags Colesie Tote.jpg Shoptart ahoy deep tart.jpg Bungalow360 heimer.jpg
  3. NM has a few REALLY cute ones on final sale, today's last day of free shipping!
  4. Swanky : I knowwwwwwww but i live in Canada......they wont ship here.............*pout*
  5. there is a really cute Felix Rey straw tote with ricrac trim which I got for $130. You can see it on felixrey.com; I had purchased either at BG or NM...
  6. If you could accept a nylon tote, you should try looking at Kate Spade or Le Sportsac. I think Longchamp would also be good for the beach :biggrin:
  7. I really like the felix ones but i dont think they will ship to Canada..
  8. hi! I posted this on another thread but honestly, this gap bag is one of the best summer bags I've found! Certainly for the money ! its in their sale at $20(US). They also havea fabulous matching clutch which is TDF!!!! but unfortunately not available over here in England :rant:

    The bag;

  9. i love JCrew totes and they have several to choose from,,some even on sale. They are canvas and very in
  10. I just PMed you.