Where can I get a mini-bowling besides BalNY?

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  1. I need to be able to return this if it doesn't work out since I can't find it IRL. Has anyone seen one lately at Nordie's or NM? TIA
  2. I have seen it at NM in my area. It is the Gernat from 2006. Call them
  3. Several weeks ago I saw these colors but can't remember which one is which (mini or regular bowling):

    bowling/mini bowling: black, marron, truffle, grenat, camel

    Call Bob Ellis 843-722-2515 ask for Bruce, he's super nice
  4. thanks, is it the mini? and do they know it as the "mini bowling" LOL

  5. thanks, i'm looking for black - hopefully it's the mini
  6. That must be at Tyson's Galleria...scary that I recognize the number.

    And, the Grenat that they have there is a mini-bowling. Good luck!