where can I get a Marigold Work or Day

  1. Hi ladies

    Do any of you know where I could get a Marigold Work or Day bag?????

    if so, could you let me know????
  2. Hiya,

    Barneys, Dallas had one the other day. Contact Liza Ruiz on 469.221.4722 or lruiz@Barneys.com

    Good luck, Kim
  3. It was a work by the way with regular hardware.
  4. Barney's at Chestnut Hill, MA has a juane work RH as of a couple of days ago. They only had one out on the floor.
  5. how did it look in person???
  6. Try Aloha Rag, they should still have stock. I got mine from them. Here is the pic of my Marigold Work. Hope you like it too.;)

  7. Nada, your Work is such an enabler...

  8. OMG- Barney's Dallas had one?! I would love to see that color in person! Maybe I should make a trip to Dallas if they still have it, though I bet it will be gone by Sat.
  9. hi, is this marigold 04 or the new jaune 07?
  10. Barneys New York had one (a work) out yesterday.
  11. :drinks::drinks::graucho::graucho:
    I am getting the Marigold WORK bag......getting excited......being shipped after the long weekend!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    everyone have a great long weekend!!!!
  12. thanks to my DH !!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::heart::heart::heart: marigold work........
  13. aww.... your DH is so nice to you!! my fiancee always give me the ... "are you sure?" face whenever I purchase something... and we're not even married yet!!!:cursing:
  14. I went to Barneys NY this afternoon and they had a marigold work with RH and one with SGH.
  15. which hardware looked the best on the Marigold?