Where can I get a Hugo Boss suit on sale? (Mens)

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  1. I'm looking for a men's Hugo Boss suit. Any idea where they have them on sale? Preferably online but B&M stores would be fine too. TIA!
  2. Lord&Taylor and Macys' also sell them...theymight have deals as well.
  3. Hugo suits are awesome but I'd recommend buying it at Hugo Boss store - my husband just got one and they offer free alteration and tailoring - a lot of work is done to make the suit fit perfectly - you won't get that kind of service at Macy's or anywhere else. Even if you save a hundred bucks, you'll end up paying much more for alterations.
  4. Thanks for the tips!
  5. If you're in New York, there are Hugo Boss sample sales twice a year held by this company: http://soifferhaskin.com
    Sign up for their emails for the advance notice of their sales.
  6. ikny, will the men's sale that's starting tomorrow have Hugo Boss? Or do they have a separate Hugo Boss sale twice a year?
  7. There's a Hugo Boss outlet @ the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon, CA, if you're from So Cal.
  8. I just bought a Hugo Boss suit for my brother from the Saks outlet. It was $800 for $320. Sizes & styles are hit or miss.
  9. My husband got a gorgeous HB suit for our wedding from Nordstrom's during their Half-Yearly sale. You'd have to wait until July, but our salesman says that they offer a few (and gorgeous!) HB suits every year. You can also pre-shop the sale before the "real" sale if you know to ask.
  10. No, they have a separate Hugo Boss sale, I think it's around November and June. The sale by the way includes some women's clothing and shoes as well.
  11. Thank you all so much - this is great advice!
  12. lils - check Nordstrom. My husband bought one in San Diego at Nordstrom. With taxes & exchange rate, it was around $500 (it was on sale). He was sorry he didn't buy another one. Good luck.
  13. You can find Hugo Boss sales pretty regularly. I've seen them at Norstrom Rack. At last week's Bloomies sale, the HB suits were 25%
  14. my friend is obsessed with HB suits - he just bought one at the bloomies sale but i believe also got some good deals from century 21.