Where can I get a Hook?!?!?!?!?

  1. Since I saw bagsforme's ink Hook bag this afternoon, I've been on a search for one. Does anyone know where I can get one???

    BalNY...NM...anywhere??? The only place I've seen one online is on Diabro.net and AR only has the small Hook (I like bagsforme's large one).

  2. What color and style are you looking for?

    There is a thread on auchtung Balenciaga about two red ones at Nordstroms on sale. Barney's Dallas had some one sale recently but I'm not sure what style.
  3. yup, Nordstroms had 2 of them on sale for 869$ish down from $1450.00USD...but they are no longer there. who knows? someone might have returned them.
  4. I'd like the large Hook bag (???) in some kind of blue...perhaps cornflower or even black would be nice.
  5. I was at Gretta Luxe 2 days ago and there were 2 medium hooks in rouge vif~ it was pretty big and 1 huge blueberry hook bag. On sale!!! May be as much as 60% off now!!!! Go Fendi go!!!!!!!
  6. Can someone pleae post a picture of this style when you have a minute? I'm having trouble remembering what it looks like...

  7. I could have sworn bagsforme's hook was a small. The medium looks more like a work and the large is as big as a weekender.
  8. NM also has them on sale too.:yes:

  9. I'd like to get the large tote!
  10. A few weeks ago Kirna Zabete in NYC had some in Ink - they looked lovely and were on sale, but I didn't see how much.
  11. The blueberry hook they have is definitely the large!!!!!!!
  12. Yup, I just called them and they have 2 left...

    1 rouge vif med. hook for $500ish and 1 blueberry large hook for $700ish :yes:

    Go Fendi go! 781-237-7010!
  13. Balenciaga did the hook bags in the fall colors, too? Wow. It didn't know that. A griege hook would be awesome.
  15. :yahoo: That's great. Post a pic when you get it. Its amazing how people network on this forum.

    I've called around to NM, GL....and if they have any its the size I already have. I'm on the hunt for a large tote. The one that is as big as the Weekender. So if anyone sees one on sale let me know.