Where can I get a grey reissue???

  1. Stores in europe don't have it anymore and my SA told me, grey will not come in again...other colors but no more grey :crybaby:

    I'm desperately looking for a grey reissue with silver hardware in small size( 224?) or medium (225).

    Does anybody know, where I also can try? :shrugs:
  2. Thnak you very much ;)
  3. My SA is great with locating Chanel bags. He is at the NY Saks and he can easily ship international. His name is Joseph. The store number is 212-940-4353. His cell phone number is 917-776-9353. He has helped alot of PF's and all of my friends in NY use him. He located a few grey reiussues in the past few days. He is the best!