Where can I get a great coffee mug ?

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  1. I am officially done with evil Starbucks mugs [​IMG] , I yet to have one from them in the past 1 year that lasted more than 3 months. :confused1:

    For some odd reason even though I am extremely careful ( never throw them around or put them down harshly ) all Starbucks products seem to break on me. :confused1: :cursing: Today the one I bough less than 2 months ago, decided to explode all over my outfit while I was helping my mom to walk to the hospital, burning both me and her. :cursing:

    So where can I get a new great coffee mug ? :shrugs:

    I want it to be tall, able to fit a giant amount of coffee ( I am always sleep deprived ), not to have a handle on a side and for the cover to either have a slide open mechanism or open easily w/out any complications.

    Like this one, but maybe taller:

  2. target or bed bath and beyond might be good bets.
  3. I found a nice one at 7-11 a few months ago. Its tall and the outside look like wood finish. They have 2 colors, a dark brown and a lighter one looks like oak. I got the light one for about $7 or $8.
  4. I got my husband two plastic car mugs from Tim Horton's. They are better than the Starbuck's version and they cost about $7 CDN each.
  5. I LOVE me some tim hortons! Always reminds me of home. I miss it.
  6. I also had the same problems with Starbuck's car mugs!!
  7. Yep, yep - those Starbucks ones always end up leaking on me too. I have a VacuCraft one that I picked up at one of the big box stores. It holds a giant amount and also keeps the coffee warm for along time. It was really cheap too - $5 or some ridiculously low amount.
  8. I buy my DH travel coffee mugs at Target. Some of them he's had for years and they hold up great!
  9. I have one from Thermos Nissan that I adore. It looks chic, holds a lot (depending on the size) and the coffee stays hot far longer in it than in any other mug I've owned. You can find it on Amazon.
  10. i was thinking of starbucks before i open this thread and only saw your title!
    i don't know about their coffee mugs, but their bottles bailed on me and i had only used it for about 6 months!

    how about the ones from CBTL?
  11. Target, Walmart, The dollar store, K-Mart, Bass Pro, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Gordmans.
  12. whats a bass pro - haha.
  13. ooooh, thanks for the info!
  14. Lmao.. Its a hunting store.. like Cabela's..They have coffee mugs for men and women.. sometimes you can find a cute one for women.. They last really well too.. I just got my dad one!
  15. I've been looking for a new coffee mug too! Thanks to everyone who has posted, I will check them all out :smile: