where can I get a good deal on a ladies datejust?

  1. I have been looking for a ladies datejust for sometime now.. I dont HAVE to have it brand new but either way is fine. Where did you get yours? Any ideas?
  2. try calling any jeweler's around you that sell Rolex's and ask if they have any preowned. But as for getting a good deal on a new Rolex, there is a set percent discount that seems to be standard for jewelers to give on Rolex.. i think it's like 10% off on stainless and 15% off on gold (white or yellow) *forgive me if the percentage is wrong.
  3. yeah, I have noticed brand new they are all the same price, I am looking for a WG.. If anyone has seen a used one or knows of a website with authentic rolexes please let me know. Thanks guys!
  4. I got mine brand new from a watch shop here in Asia that is an authorized rolex dealer. If you want a brand new rolex, get it from a reputable watch shop and make sure it is an AUTHORIZED rolex dealer. I got my stainless midsize at 15% discount. Post pics when you get one :tup:
  5. will do :yes:
  6. It's difficult to get a discount in the US @ authorized dealers, I'm sure someplace does a little something but IMO it's more important to go with an authorized dealer that adds onto the warranty or something then to save a few hundred bucks or so......I had one place that offered me 5% at one time on stainless but I had to order what I wanted, it came down to us just buying exactly what I wanted when my husband and I were on vacation.... a great jeweler had the exact combo which I had never found in person before, saved a little on tax but no discount......
  7. try interwatches.com they dont have new rolex but they are preowned. Check them out and they are great. and if you need help PM
  8. I buy all my rolex watches from an Authorized Dealer:yes: