where can I get a french blue day?

  1. has anyone seen a french blue day at Saks anywhere? does aloha rag have one? I am looking to save on CA sales tax. Please let me know if you gals know which retailer currently has one!
  2. Neimans has them.Saks didn't buy the day in any of the new colors. Boo Hoo
  3. My NM has one. Call 703-761-1600. Good luck!:smile:
  4. A couple of days ago Daphne at BNY sent me pictures of French blue Days with both GH and regular hardware. They may still have them.
  5. As of yesterday, there was one in NM in Paramus NJ and another at NM in Short Hills NJ. Both were really beautiful. Good Luck!! :yes:
  6. The FB at NM in Paramus was really shiny (I passed on that one. It was the only one they had in stock) and the one at Short Hills was amazing smooshy leather but had a patch of missing leather on the bottom. I was really bummed the leather was perfect. (also the only one they had in stock)
  7. A patch of leather missing? Not sure what you mean? Sounds like that should even be for sale?Hmmm....Perhaps I didn't look at them close enough since I wasn't really in the market for that color (In reality, I shouldn't have been looking for any color)!!

  8. It was on the bottom of the bag. I was actually paying for it and that's when I noticed it. Maybe it wouldn't bother someone else but it bothered me. :sad: