Where can I get a digital perm in NY?

  1. Can anyone recommend a reputable place in NYC, Brooklyn or Staten Island? I'm thinking about getting a digital perm & I don't know where to start looking.

    Also, can someone show me pics of a digital perm? I did a search on-line but I am not satisfied with the results b/c I can't read what they are saying about it - majority of the sites are in a different language.

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  3. I'm Korean myself and I can't believe that I didn't know about this perm!! I think I might go get it done to my own hair. Hope these pictures are of some help to you...


    [SIZE=-1]30 W 32nd St # 2[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]New York, NY 10001[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1](212) 695-8152
    [/SIZE]Welcome to Kimsunyoung Hair Salon
  4. I did some research on this and I came across a place called hidyhair.com - one of the best places to get Thermal reconditioning in NYC & NJ. They do a better perm they call it digital steam perm... better than a digital perm. It doesn't damage your hair as much as a digital perm does. I guess that goes along with the price, it starts at 400 bucks!
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  6. I was going to suggest Hidy!! I have been going to her for years for my straightening and I LOVE HER!!!
    I go in Dec/June and she does fabulous work. She and her staff are just great and well worth the cost. I have highlighted hair and it really takes skill to do the straightening process and she is the best. If you go to her tell her joyce from CT says hi!
  7. p.s. sorry, i know she does the digital perm, as I have seen it being done.
  8. Thanks for the info... I actually have a friend that goes to her too. I heard Jay is the best but he moved the NJ salon. I am confused now I'm not sure if I want to do TR or Digital Steam Perm. I keep asking my husband to help me make up my mind but so far he's no help.
  9. I had my first TR's done with Jay - a real sweetheart(thanks to help from the Lovely loons forum on TR) and he is as nice and talented as his sister. he opened his own salon in NJ and it was easier for me to go into the city to Hidy. I am sure Hidy will consult with you and tell you what is the best and what will give you what will look best.
    good luck!
  10. I stopped by Hidy's couple of times, but seems she's always too busy for digital perms. She referred to another named Mari. I got digital perm at kimsunyoung salon which was next door. The first time, my digital perm came out fantastic, but the 2nd time by the same stylist came out with total disappointment. I forget her name now, but I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. I WASTED $200. I swear this happens a lot. When you go to a salon for the first time, they give you more time, etc and then you go there again, it's the opposite and they assume they know what you want and rush rush rush!!!!!!! Plus I find kimsunyoung salon atmosphere quite pretentious and cold. I regret giving her any tips. Angry thinking about it.
  11. HMM IS a digital perm the one in the pic?????? gorgeous!!!
  12. WOOHOOO! Resurrecting an old thread.

    Does anyone have any more insight on this? I heard of a place called Century Hair Salon in Flushing, NY that does digital perms, but I need feedback from PFers!
  13. I heard there's a salon in Flushing, I can't think of the name..Mama's or something? They go excellent digital perms.