Where can I get a dark silver re-issue? Help!

  1. Hey Ladies, can anyone help me figure out how I can get my hands on a dark silver reissue in 225? I could go for the 226 as well but I can't find this color anywhere!
  2. Try this 714-754-7455 Chanal Boutique in California ask for Marrie. She just found one for me (dark silver 226). good luck
  3. Thanks so much! It's so hard to find a good SA.
  4. Would you like to call Paris Ave Montaigne. Look for anyone or Elisa and say Mrs Tan recommended you (just exchanged emails with her so she would remember me), and see if they have any.

    Don't know why she refuses to address me by name, but have to address me in all her emails as 'Mrs Tan'....haha...

    Let me know how the call goes, PM me. Tks.
  5. My Saks had the pewter color is the small size (224 I think) and the gold in a bit bigger (225?) but they can probably order you the right size/color

    Try Rhoda 504-524-2200 ext 5355
  6. How? Any luck so far?
  7. I think there is supposed to be one on eBay soon.. a member messaged me on eBay and let me know! Keep checking- the seller is a wonderful tPF member! (In the 226 size, btw)
  8. I just saw a dark silver reissue today! It's either the 225 or the 226. I'm leaning towards 225 though, although I'm not an expert on reissue sizes.

    Give Judy Chin a call at (808)942-5555 if you're interested.
  9. Hirshleifers has it. My SA called yesterday.
  10. PM me for contact, the last i asked, France has it.
  11. Dark Silver 226 on eBay now. 100% power seller!
  12. if the chanel boutique still have the dark silver, is the price for reissue 2007 the same as reissue ss08? for example the euro price for 227 ss08 is eur 1890 then how much is the dark silver 2007 in 227? thx