Where can I get a Carlotta clutch? HELP!

  1. I am not sure I can survive the summer if I don't get my hands on the fabulous Jimmy Choo Carlotta clutch! Anyone know where I can get my hands on one at a good price? I've not found any stores stocking it.

  2. Hey baglady!

    You have great taste :smile: I LOVE the Carlotta - it really is stunning.

    I noticed there's a new Carlotta listed on UK eBay at the moment for a good price (also say they accept best offers). Looks genuine (I think), and they say they will ship worldwide if you ask beforehand.


    If that link doesn't work, just search for Carlotta on eBay.

    Good luck!
  3. wow - I've never seen that style.
  4. OK, I'm thinking about putting a cheeky offer in on this clutch on eBay. What do people think would be a fair offer for this? Bearing in mind it's sale time of course!
  5. Have you called a JC store? They are having 50% off now. The website has it 30% off. Retail is $1495.
  6. Ah cool, thanks for the heads-up!
  7. Just checked my list and it is on there so it is 50% off:yahoo: