Where can I get a black leather or brown suede Coffer?

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  1. Hi,
    You guys and all your coffer threads made me want one!
    Where can I get a Black leather or Brown Suede one currently?

    I got my Alluminio bow and actually I'm not sure I like it! It feels a little small for me? I'm 5ft 11 and I feel it looks too tiny on me. When I saw pictures of others wearing it, they must be very petite ladies because the bag looked nice and big.

    Is the Coffer bigger than the Bow?
  2. Yes, the coffer is larger than the original bow satchel. It's a completely different style and shape, as I'm sure that you are aware. You will absolutely love the coffers.

    Every so often you can find an authentic black or suede coffer on ebay, but 99.9% are fake. The suede is a bit harder to find as it was from last fall. Have you tried calling a Miu Miu store? ;)
  3. I'd go with the black leather! Suede is so hard for me to keep clean!