where can i get a BLACK GST?? :)

  1. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in awhile, been busy and haven't looked to purchase a new bag in a long time. However, after my first Chanel, I am dying for MORE! :nuts: My first was a beige petite shopper with g/h and guess what.. Now I want a GST...preferably with silver hardware, but I've been on the fence about the color of hardware.. Would gold stand out more than silver?? I wear mostly silver jewelry so that's why I figured silver h/w..also because it's more modern looking. Okay straight to the point...I've read that the GST especially ones with silver h/w are not currently available anywhere??? Is that true?? Please tell me where I can get a black caviar GST with silver hardware!!! Thank you all so much :yes:
  2. Saks in Indianapolis is supposed to get three black GST's with silver hardware. I was the only one on the waiting list awhile back, so you might want to give them a try!
  3. The black w/ silver h/w will be filtering into the stores sometime this month is what I was told by an SA at NM in Dallas.

    Good luck on your search - you are going to love this bag once you get your hands on it!
  4. Thank you all soo much! I'm sooo excited that I literally DREAM about this bag... hahah :yahoo:

    Just wondering for you ladies who have the GST, do you think it's TOO big?? I am only barely 5'2, and am worried that it might "overwhelm" me.
  5. I don't think its too big - I carry a lot of stuff in my bags so I love the huge amount of space that the GST has. If you dont have the opportunity to try it on before buying you could always return it if you find that the size is overwhelming.
  6. My SA has the black GST. PM me if you would like contact info.
  7. thanks so much!! ^may i ask where the store ur SA is at is located?? i would like to try on the bag before i get it. TIA! :yes:
  8. I'm just about 5'2" and don't find it to be too big at all. It can just get a little heavy to carry on shopping trips! (And I don't overstuff mine at all.)
  9. I called Joseph in NYC, yes he's the sweetest. he put my name down for the GST black with silver h/d. He's anticipating 2 weeks. Crossing fingers!! anyone else have better luck finding the GST ?
  10. roey, i was worried about the weight of the bag as well.. heavy bags can be excruciating during shopping trips!! i'm so excited about the GST..it's such a classic bag ;)
  11. nycgirl, have you place the order for your GST yet? Can i ask where and when you expect it in?
  12. showstopper, i haven't placed my order yet...i didn't wanna order it before trying it on and seeing it IRL. however, the pics on tpf are very very beautiful! i'll deifintely update when i order, and post pics when i get it too =) hopefully, i don't change my mind about it since it's such a classic bag, but i've been eyeing a balenciaga GH aquamarine city too...decisions, decisions.. :shame: