where can i get a black cotton club reporter

  1. Could anyone tell me where I can get a black cotton club reporter? The boutique is not getting any; NM only has blue and silver. My last option will be Europe, but b4 that, just want to make sure I can't get one in US. Thx!
  2. did you try Saks?

  3. Sigh...i tried, every singal dept store I could think of. Only NM carried reporter but not black....

  4. Did you try Nordstrom Mall of America...because i know we're getting it.
  5. the chanel boutique in toronto has one.
  6. I know, that'll be my last choice. But they wouldn't ship to me...
  7. hmm, that kinda sucks.
  8. I just called, they told me they are not getting the reporter:crybaby: ...I guess I have to go all the way to Canada for that...
  9. Are you sure NM isnt getting any? I'm pretty sure I saw one yesterday at NM San Diego. Try calling? 619-692-9100
  10. I've only seen silver and blue at NM.
  11. I've seen the creamy white at NM in Northbrook.

  12. I don't know who you talked to, but I know we're getting it. We already had one and it sold. We're getting another.
  13. Are you sure? Do you have a name and a number I can call, I called twice and they told me they are not getting any cotton club reporter, not mention the black one.