Where can I get a Bayswater in..

  1. A fun color such as pink, purple, green etc?
    Or a tooled one? Or maybe I'm too late?

    I really really want one >_<

    Is there any other place online I could try but eBay? Currently they don't have much at all..
  2. Where are you? If you are in the UK, hit the outlets. If you do a search it will put up the thread with all the phone numbers.
  3. Why not consider getting a custommade one? It's about 20% more than the regular bays but them you get it custommade in the exact colour you want and with your initials carved in the front lock if you like :tup:

    I have a tooled chocolate bays and is actually wondering if I should try and trade it for a regular black one, so think carefully before you decide. What right for you now isn't nessesarily the right thing 2 years from now.
  4. Wow, I had no idea you could get a custommade Bays! That's so kool.
    Where do you do that? Contact Mulberry.com?

    Oh I love the tooled ones..so special.

    And no, unfortunatley I do not live in the UK :sad: I wish I did..or USA..but nope..Back in crappy Sweden..
  5. Don't worry, I'm in denmark, so we're in the same boat Mulberry-wise :p The Copenhagen store had this event a couple of month ago, where a mulberry designer came with leathersamples and models and people could get a chat with the designer and order a custommade bag, so perhaps you should try and contact the Stockholm store and hear if they have done or will be doing anything like that in the future?

    And the tooled bays is a beauty! Just cant figure if I'm going to use it more if it was a plain classic black one...? :shrugs: I feel too spoiled right now :supacool:
  6. Lol sidsel. Yes maybe I should..but I love one hour from Copenhagen and 6 hours from Stockholm :sad:

    So when I go to do my shopping I go to Copenhagen. But for Mulberry I just go downtown..we got a store called Bristol that sells Mulberry bags.

    But I wish so darn much that I would live in the us or uk so I could go to all the outlets..I would be so poor lol!
  7. Are you in Malmoe? Love that city - I always goes there to get away form Copenhagen and see some new shops. I always ends dragging huge shoppingbags home from Designtorget and always stock up on "mix it-yourself" candy :p But you should consider contacting Mulberry in Copenhagen to hear if they will do something like it soon again or if you can get them to order a custommade bag for you?
  8. I can't find it but Mulberry's CEO has some quote in a trend article. 2008 is supposed to be about the colors and shine. Maybe they'll be something in the 2008 collection that you will like.