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Where Can I Find...


Feb 13, 2006
Hi All,
I live in Maryland and want to see some Balenciaga bags IRL. I am loving the pictures thread and am starting to lean toward a Balenciaga for my next bag. As you can see from my siggy I have been on an LV kick lately but I would like to expand my horizons. If you know of a great place in MD that I can go check out some then please let me know. TIA


Miss Penne' Cotta
Oct 6, 2006
Bbags is the way to go!!!

i was addicted with LV forever but until i started reading through these Bbag threads and got my first bbag......now it's only balenciaga on my mind!!! haha...welcome to the club :smile:


Aug 22, 2006
:smile: Hi! All the girls here have given you suggestions on where to go including ebay. I just wanted to say that like you I was(and still am) a longtime collector of LV, and just bought my first B-bag this past August. I am now the proud owner of 4 bags, and all were bought secondhand, and mostly bought through ebay. Since I prefer 05 leathers and colors I have no choice but to buy secondhand. All the bags I bought are in mint condition, with 3 in brand new condition. I am sure like me you could spot a fake LV at 20 paces, but are scared about knowing enough to not get ripped off buying a Balenciaga. To get informed check out the site I linked below. It is the encyclopedia of Balenciaga, and has color swatches buy season and tips on how to detect fakes. And of course don't hesitate to come back here with any bag you are thinking of buying, as I am sure many pf-ers could give your their opinion and expert advice. Good luck, and come share photos of whatever you buy!