Where can I find...

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find Hermes boxes (for adoption)?

    I want some empty boxes for a little decorating project I've attempting...
    I have the round short box my Twilly came in, but that won't work...

    Any ideas?
  2. eBay would be your best option unless some kind ladies on here have some empty ones they don't need
  3. I tried the 'bay but unfortunately I didn't find anything... :tdown:
    I did a search for "Hermes Box" but everything that came up was bags made with box. lol.

    Please keep me in mind if you hear of any boxes up for adoption!
  4. BB:
    What size are you looking for?
  5. WoW :yahoo:Yahoo! I'm not alone here!!
    I happen to LOVE boxes, and ORANGE BOXES make my heart run faster!! I just had the luck to find someone who was absolutely generous! I've tryed to find some on eBay, but no luck too... sometimes a small box or necktie box, but only if you're lucky enough!

    Good luck! I'd love to have more, but I'm too embarraced to ask for! :P lol

    By the way, what's that fabulous project all about? I thought of paiting a room to look like a H box!! I'm working on it actually.. but then something came up: I want to paint my entire apartment in H colours! I'm thinking Gris T as a base colour for my bedroom... ;)

  6. I am also interested in orange boxes, but as said before it is very difficult to find any on ebay... BB hope you find what you are looking for!

  7. Honestly, any size(s) will do...
  8. If found this year old thread but it asks the question I need.....

    How can I find some scarf boxes?? Desperately in need of 3!:wondering
  9. There are some on Malleries
  10. Thanks lolakitten!
  11. I just checked...can not find any:sad:
  12. where can i buy straps, lock/key for kelly or birkin? I see a lot of pre-loved bags on ebay but some do not have these items. can i order this from H store?
  13. BirkinBoy, why don't you ask your H store? I've received boxes when I've asked for them.
  14. Awww - I'm sorry. There were at least two sets for sale last night :sad:
    I hope you find some!
  15. Boxes. Well, become an Hermes addict and they will start to pile up. They are too nice to throw away.
    My executor can decide what to do with all these boxes. : )