where can i find...

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  1. a black quilted chanel back with the white c's medium sized...how much do they go for? anyone have one with some details about it...is it worth the money?
  2. is there a specific name for these also?
  3. A cambon? If so, you can find them anywhere Chanel's are sold usually.
  4. If you are asking about the quilted black with white cc's handbags, they are the cambons, they come in several sizes, pouchettes, the smallest, followed by camera case, a pretty generous size, then several totes, and the larger ones, reporters etc.. The chanel website has some information, but the best thing is to go to the Chanel boutique or to Saks or Neiman's chanel boutiques and look at the different choices.
  5. I do have one, the camera case size, not too large, not too small, is it worth the price......not quite sure, probably not in real practical terms, but, I sure love it .
  6. do a Cambon search, there's photos of nearly every style made.
  7. thanks all of you for the help!
  8. how much money do these go for?
  9. well most are on sale now, but they use to go for around 700 and up for the purses.
  10. is it a special sale or these will be on sale for a long time because they are like not IN DEMAND chanels do you know what I mean?
  11. The sale is almost over and only included a few colors. As for them not being 'in demand,' I'm going to have to disagree because the cambon line is one of their most successful, ever.
  12. The black with white have not gone on sale yet.
  13. when they go on sale whats the website you can find them at? I really wanna get one but I am pretty clueless at how to find this stuff
  14. There are no authorized online retailers for Chanel (unless you are shopping on NM.com through the catalog quicksearch) so you won't be able to find the sale stuff online.

    You have to call around

  15. i just ordered one of these today...the medium Cambon tote black with white. i paid 1295$ not including tax. a woman at the Chanel in New Jersey helped me track one down. This being my first Chanel handbag purchase I wanted a more everyday bag.....when I receive it I will give you more details!!

    can someone tell me if these totes have a pocket in the back?