Where can I find...

  1. Im looking for relatively small BV woven hobo in black. I used to want this BV satchel but the only place that has it is the outlets but its still $1700 (see attached picture). It used to be on eBay a ton but I kept putting it off thinking I could get it for less money and now Im stuck.

    Does anyone know when I can get one? (see attached picture)
    The dimensions are about 8"H X 14"W X 5"D...

    Thanks for you help!
    bottega veneta handbag.jpg bottega veneta hobo.jpg
  2. That one on the right looks a bit "odd" to me...I have doubts about the authenticity of that one. Looks like a copy of the ball bag in NERO (our experts please correct me if I'm wrong). I believe you can still find the authentic one in the BV shops right now because that is a classic item.

    Your best bet, if want to get an authentic item would be the BV shops.

    I can understand that it may cost you a bit but at least that's better than paying for a "fake" item. There are a lot of fakes floating on eBay, they may be cheaper but you have to be extra careful.

    Having said that there can be deals as well...if you find one you like make sure to post it on the "authenticate this" thread for our experts to look at before you buy it --- "better safe than sorry".

    Sometimes it's better to save up and wait for a good handbag and IMO, BVs are worth saving for.

    Good luck!:flowers:
  3. I quite like the one on the left. I believe the BV outlets are having their 30% off sales right now so you might want to check them first.