where can i find

  1. where can i find these jeans i have tried asos.com and they have something similar but in my size im a uk 8 i have tried loads of places so im hoping some one might put me in the right direction jeans.jpg
  2. can any1 help cause its driving me crazy it dont even have be exact colour just as long as its blue
  3. Have you checked Citizen of Humanity? They had some bright colored jeans on sale at bloomingdale's.
  4. urban outfitters have lovely blue but not my size Citizens Of Humanity Jeans only have red not blue thanks anyway for the replies not too gone in turquoise colour thanks all the samwe its just when i have the colour i want in my head and the style its like ahh i want it that way cheers anyway:angel:
  5. those are tsubi (formerly ksubi). I'd try eBay and they might still have 'em somewhere else. I'll scour the net real quick.
  6. oh they are super cute thanks
  7. no problemo