Where can I find........?

  1. Hello everyone. I LOVE CHANEL, just like you. and I was wondering if anyone can help me find a good chanel reseller. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. have a wonderful day. :tup:
  2. Anyone?
  3. LOL! Patience young jedi:yes:
    you only waited 22 minutes. . . it's quiet here on Friday afternoons.
    I'll move this to the Shopping Forum, but that's really the best place to look for great deals and reliable sellers anyhow:yes:
  4. Reseller? We have the authentic Finds thread right? And if you're looking for eBay, personal shoppers has a lot of chanel authentic handbags.
  5. oh I want to know the answer to this question!! (if the answer is not eBay=p)
  6. If on eBay, Personalshoppers is the only person I'd personally trust.