Where can I find vintage Kellys?

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  1. I am so inspired by all your vintage Kellys, I'm keen to join the club too. Besides eBay, where else can I find one?
  2. Try luxury-shops.com
  3. Thank you, I have it on bookmark now.
  4. Merci!
  5. Hello, Is there anywhere on this site that translates to English?
  6. You and me both kitti, I am dying for one!!
  7. Suzie, are you looking for any specific colour? I'll keep a lookout for you too.
  8. Kitti, I am after a black sellier/rigid 28 kelly, what about you?
  9. I'd like one in dark dark blue or green also 28, sellier or retourné, and preferably in my birth year :smile:
  10. What is your birth year? I'd be surprised if they go back that far for mine!!
  11. 1973 but it's not absolutely necessary. Do vintage Kellys come in sellier? The ones I come across seem to be mostly retourné.
  12. Click on the American flag on the top row. Here's a linky in case you can't locate: http://www.opportunities.fr/en/index.php