where can i find versace china wear cheap?

  1. i want a couple of cups with saucers and soem dishes but dont want to pay alot for them
    where can i get real versace cheap
    thanx inadvance :smile:
  2. There is a versace outlet in Orlando , you may try calling them
  3. thanks ill try to get their number
  4. I've seen at Saks outlet
  5. check eBay, maybe?
  6. woodbury commons in ny also has a versace outlet as well as a Saks outlet to check on!
  7. I have seen Versace china at Costco as well. This was over a year ago so I don't know if they still have it.
  8. The costco here in Calgary, Alberta has 2 different sets of Versace china; blue w/ gold & Black w/ burgundy.

    Costco.ca also has a yellow set.
  9. google for china replacement. I know there are several places with websites that specialize in this, several years ago, I even ordered something for a family member from one of them, but I can't think of the name of it right now!

    But I remember looking over several of them and being very impressed at the wide selections. Some of them will even help you identify those interesting looking dishes Great Aunt Mina, rest her soul, had socked away in the back of the china closet!