Where can I find V.Prive CL's in Vancouver, Canada?

  1. Just like the title says... where can I find these TDF shoes in Vancouver, Canada? Holt Renfrew? Last time I checked I didn't see them there but I just browsed the shoe section quickly (I was looking at the Gucci's :nuts:). Does anyone know of any other stores? TIA!
  2. One of the other gals on TPF angelie will probably be able to help you out better, but isn't it possible for you to order from Neiman Marcus/Saks, etc and have it sent to you? Or, do you need to try them on first? Just a thought!

    Good luck and like I said I'm sure some other fellow Canadians will be able to help you a bit better w/ specifics. ;)
  3. Hey last time i was at holts they didn't have the prive's but that doesn;t mean they don't get them. if u want i'll email my SA and ask him. I'll let u know by tomorrow:smile:
  4. another store that carries louboutin is B2 on robson but they have very limited stock i haven't seen very prives there. U could always order them from the CL boutique on Horatio St in NY they declare a low value and shhipping isn't bad.
  5. Thanks so much for the responses! I was in b2 the other day and I didn't see any CLs. Maybe I'll ask them just to make sure. Yes, I'd really like to try them on first before I order them just to see the fit. I'm not exactly sure what size I should get cause I've been hearing that I should get half a size bigger or even size up a full size. Angelie, do you know if Holts is able to get them in? It would be great if you could email your SA for me. Thanks again! :smile:
  6. You should be able to get them in vancouver't holts. I know Edmonton's Holts had them last year or 2 years ago with the suede version. You can check with the SA what styles they brought in, and as long as one of the stores in Canada ordered it, they can do a transfer.

  7. Hey girl

    FOr some reason my sa didn't email me back so i will call him tomorrow. The way i c it, it's much better to buy them from the cl boutique cuz they will have a bigger selection. As for sizing Elizabeth at the Horatio Store is really good at helping out with that.
  8. If they don't have em at holt's and u can go to B2 just try on any cl shoe and memorize the style and call the cl boutique tell them what size u wear in the style u tried and they can usually compare it to any pair that u want.
  9. I've only seen Louboutins at Holt Renfrew and B2 (Browns). I would say to try to order the pair through Holt's.
  10. I've seen the V.Prive in Holts before but that was like in March? If the CL store will ship it for you I would go that route. CLs are cheaper if you purchase them from the US.
  11. Okay finally got in touch with my SA and they do not have any very prives at the moment he said they might get some when the resort collection comes in but the look books won't be in for quite a while.
  12. I just found a website for a store in Toronto called David's. It looks like they only have selected styles on their site, but you could try emailing them to see if they have the style and size you're looking for.


    Hope you find them!
  13. ^^

    they are really nice i've called before i think i spoke to Frank