Where can I find used designer handbags?

  1. Hi everyone I know Bag Borrow or Steal and eBay sales used handbags does anyone know of any other sites that sell used designer handbags?
  2. I think some members go to Ann's Fabulous Finds. Then there is Let-Trade for LV.
  3. Thanks Laria I'll check those sites out

  4. I use clothesagency.com. I have just bought a beautiful red prada bag from them which I found out was only last season once I researched it at home.
  5. i shop used handbags on eBay :p
    but please do ur research, lots of mockery in there...
  6. I've just bought a nice Chanel from them! :smile:
  7. For Louis Vuitton:

  8. hey thanks everyone, i was wondering myself... now i have 3 new sites to check out, cool!
  9. Thanks everyone I checked those site's out!!!
  10. Let-Trade had many fakes. Be Very Very Weary
  11. No I don't think so, let trade is authentic from what I saw.
  12. i didnt think let-trade had authenticity issues? :confused1: