Where can I find Ugg Classic tall Boots?

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  1. I'm desperately searching for the Ugg classic tall boots but can't seem to find them anywhere...I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?
    They would be greatly appreciated!:yes:
  2. I was going to suggest Nordstrom. I actually got a pair from my local store. They still had some remaining stock.
  3. Along with the ones mentioned, you could try:

    The Walking Store/Shoe (Something along the lines of that... I'm not sure... but I see them in the malls.)

    I know there's still lots of Uggs available in the warmer regions like Texas. Last year, I tried to find a pair while in Boston and couldn't find any. I came home for the holidays and they still had them everywhere.
  4. Thanks...I've tried them all...sold out!!!
    Still searching:yes:
  5. It seems like in general, the earliest you'll be able to get them is mid-January. I'll bet everything is gone b/c of Christmas.
  6. You can also check out sheepskinshoes.com or Zappos.com.
  7. Have you tried the Ugg site?
  8. Thanks...
  9. Yes...they're back-ordered.
  10. I just got mine at Zappos a few weeks ago and they weren't backordered then...some are still availalbe i think like in chocolate but depends on your size i guess.