Where can I find Ugg classic cardy?

  1. Any suggestions?

  2. I used the live help on Nordstrom's website and asked the rep to provide me with the stores that show they had the Cardy's in stock. She gave me the phone numbers so I called and found one in my size. I was able to place the order over the phone. It's not guaranteed that they'll have them but it's worth a shot if you really want it. Also, while doing my search a lot of stores said they'll get more in Feb...if you can wait that long. Hope this helps :smile:
  3. Footwear Etc had some last night on their website.
  4. Thanks ladies.
  5. i think someone mentioned davidz.com has them
  6. I ordered mine from DavidZ last week but I think they sold out b/c they're no longer on the site. Give them a call and see if they still have any in stock, I called before placing the order just to make sure.
  7. They're back on DavidZ's website...
  8. ^Thanks H0neylyn...