where can i find this ??

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  1. hi girls .. i'm so glad i stumbled upon this place. i'm in desperate need for help. i've been looking for this chanel bag everywhere. The only place i could find it was eBay (where i eventually got this pic from) but the seller doesn't seem to ship outside US :Push:


    unfortunately there's no Chanel store where i live, and my next holiday is still monthsss away .... does anyone happen to know where else i can find it ?

    Thanks so so much in advance :tender:
  2. My NM Chanel had it recently, I bet they put it away. . . they probably still have it.

    Try calling:
    972.629.1700 or

    ask for Shannon and tell her Amanda referred you, she's fantastic!!!
  3. i bet they still have it, they only released it in feb.
  4. I also saw it in the Neimans in Minneapolis a while back. Not sure if they have it, but you could ask.
  5. Are you looking for that specific combo?
  6. i live down in Australia, in a small town.
    chanel isn't sold online, is it ? :wondering

    and yes .. this is the very one i'm looking for.
    it's for my sis. her birthday's next week.

    i guess i might have to think of something else.
    well thanks all anyway. i really appreciate it.
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