Where can I find this?

  1. I'm talking about the lock with the necklace strings...I understand you can buy the necklace buy itself..roughly $60...but where can I find the lock? I don't wanna steal one off my speedy! But can you just buy a lock?

    fyi...this picture was taking from a previous thread by Sophia618
  2. You can just go to your boutique and buy a lock. I would think the brass one would turn, but boy that would be cute with a silver one!
  3. thank you! do you know how much one would be?
  4. A lock is $25.
  5. Would make a darling necklace. You could go to Michael's and by the black cording (or even red, pink, blue, any or all!)
  6. are you serious?! o-m-g lol. I'm sooo buying this when i go to Short Hills!