where can i find this?

  1. Does anyone know where i can find this? its so nice!!!! TIA!:drool:
  2. Also R There Any Black Hobos Besides This With Silver Hardware? Thanks Again These Bags R Fab!
  3. Museten
  4. ^Contessa strikes again!

    I think you should be given the title of super-duper RM bag finder! You find it all, seriously!
  5. I believe YOU are the reigning Champ on finding RM bags!!
  6. No no! I submit to you! You are the best purse/deal finder! You found balihai88 a gray matinee, you found the wine and berry at Museten, and you just found the black Nikki for a new poster! YOU RAWK!
  7. me??? :shame::shame::shame:
  8. Lol all you ladies seem great here! thanks for the help[​IMG]
  9. There was a black stonewash Nikki w/ silver hardware. If I see it any where I'll link it. It was gawjus.
  10. ^ You beat me to it! :nuts:

  11. wow id love to see that one!:love:i love silver! Ill appreciate it, if you find one to let me know:tup: Thanks everyone!!
  12. Oops.....just realized you love silver.....like me!

    I know where you can find one with gold....that silver seems to be elusive!!!