where can i find this

  1. i am lookin for a dior mini gaucho if some come up at the outlet please let me know they had some now i am regretting not buying it or is there any websites where i can get one?? thanks
  2. thanks the one at the outlet was demin green color i love it and it was only 425 im so kicking myself for not getting it plz let me know if the outlets get any thanks everyone for your help so far!!!!!!!!
  3. Good find and great price :yes:, bet someone snaps that up real quick.

    :heart: the diorissimo wallet too
  4. is jill's consignment reliable??
  5. Yep, they have a good rep :yes:
  6. I could have sworn that the mini in this one was at the outlet.
  7. Your right chic the green denim range was in the outlet.

    I remember seeing it in Bicester!!
  8. just be careful and dont buy anything from Dellamoda they have real pics but they sell fakes ( i ran a search on them on the forum ).
  9. yep apparently dellamoda are very naughty [​IMG]