Where can I find this unique Chloe?

  1. I've been looking for a whiskey edith for what feels like forever now but seem to just keep missing them every time I go to buy. I *happened* across this one on eBay, but it got snapped up (yet again) just before I was going to purchase. Does anyone know where I can find this elsewhere?


    Thanks in advance...!
  2. Thought I might add a pic to save people clicking... made the above post on my phone so the link didn't turn out:
  3. Hello... I am a bit lost...
    Do you want any Edith in Whiskey or the particular style you posted?
    The whiskey satchel does pop up on eBay, but you have to be patient and check everyday... You'll find it in no time at all! Good luck in your quest!
  4. Oh! Sorry - I originally wanted any one in Whiskey, but now I've fallen for this (I'd never seen it before) so I'm specifically looking for this baby.

    It's just called a 'satchel' though, is it?
  5. I am not certain... i thought the satchel was the classic one... the one you love is more messenger-like...
  6. This bag is the Chloé Anna. I have never seen it in this colour (it's lovely!) but I have seen it in black and moka at Nordstroms. I think Bluefly also carried it for a while. I wanted to get one but they just weren't on sale. I called Nordies sometime in January just to ask if maybe they'd finally gone down in price but the SA I spoke with said they'd sold out. Oh well...
  7. It's a beauty--I have never seen this bag before...
  8. There are two currently listed on ebay. But make sure you have them authenticated here before you bid