Where can I find this MBMJ bag?

  1. I found this MBMJ Dr Q Baby Boxy bag in brown. It is from the Fall 2007 line. Does anyone know who else sells this bag? I was trying to find it in bordeaux. TIA.

  2. ive seen it in bloomingdales. and Nordstroms had a large selection of mbmj bags last time i was there.
  3. whoa, that's gorgeous!
  4. totally cute!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. My Nordstrom doesn't carry it and I don't have Bloomingdales. I checked Bloomingdales online and it's not there. :crybaby:
  6. But most Bloomie MJ bags are in store only - so don't get discouraged! - Are you sure that Nordies doesn't have in system showing at one of the other stores? You can then do a charge/send.