Where can I find this MaxMara Bag?

  1. [​IMG]

    (from the InStyle w. Eva Longoria on the cover)

  2. I dont know but I MUST have one. I only carry large bags and I love a bag thats virtually luggage! Even if it only has a $5 bill and chapstick inside...

    Did you check the shopping pages in the back of the magazine?
  3. Also, you could call a Max Mara store and check.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I saw that bag in InStyle and I LOVE it!
  5. Sorry I did a search and couldn't find it. My it is impressive...
  6. It is a Max Mara ad.
  7. My friend noticed it and fell in love... We've looked all over (neiman, google, eBay, etc.) and no luck. It's a Spring 2008, though, so they're probably not in stores yet.

    Anyone know about a website? Can't seem to find one via the normal search channels.
  8. Max Mara doesn't have a regular website for some reason, if you Wikipedia Max Mara you can get the cities that have Max Mara boutiques, I would find the one closest to you and call them to see if they can give you the details on the bag - just 411 Max Mara.

    Then of course, let us know the details because I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag! Reminds me of a giant AC City but bigger and more versatile with the x-body strap.
  9. ^^^Oooh, you're right about the AC city resemblance. I might want to point that out to my friend before she goes and spends a bundle on this one. ALthough this one is quite nice.

    Will report back w. any info!
  10. Im hoping it comes in other colors - baby pink isnt really my color...
  11. There's a MaxMara boutique in South Coast Plaza. I'm sure they can help you find it.
  12. Here's MaxMara #(714)754-7900. Hope you find it.
  13. LM at the store, hoping Ill hear back soon! The more I think about it the more I love that bag.
  14. I :girlsigh: the color! Looks like a very versatile and roomy bag. Let us know the details when you find out!
  15. LOve this bag also....best of luck finding it.
    Am kicking myself because I found a gorgeous brown patent Max Mara bag in Venice Italy this winter...didn't get it.....Argghhhh!!!! Have thought of it often! MM style is gorgeous.