Where Can I find this Marc Jacobs purse?

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  1. [​IMG]


    Where can I find this MJ purse featured in Feb's Cosmo?
  2. Must be a new style, I've never seen it before. You might check with your local department store that carries MJ. It's cute!
  3. Not sure, but it is very cute!
  4. Uh Oh, I really like that - the first MJ I've been more than interested in.
  5. That looks similar to a bag that's on MJ.com under Spring. The style on the website is called "tote" and even comes in the same color as the purse featured. Also if you go to nordstrom.com and click on "designer collections" and then go to the "marc jacobs building", then click on the outline of the bags, the hardware on that bag looks a lot like what they're calling the "MJ Sixties Leather Bowler" bag.

    Your best bet is to call a MJ store and either describe the bag, fax the photo, or tell them which magazine it's in. They should be able to figure out what you're talking about if the bag is in their look book for spring--sorry that's the best I could do.... Good luck!
  6. I agree, check with the store or their website, www.marcjacobs.com.
  7. Nordstrom has a book that shows all the new MJ styles that they have ordered. If you live near a Nordstrom that carries the line see if you can see what's coming in. Perhaps they will be receiving this bag in the next few months. I saw the new styles book at both the MJ store and at Nordstrom and the new bags are nice--very different from what he's done in the past.
  8. Nice bag :love: I really like the top, too.
  9. Beautiful bag! i would like it better witouh his name across the top of the bag though.