Where can I find this Hailey? Please help...

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    After returning from my 2nd trip to the US in 9 months and developing an almost unhealthy obession with Coach whilst over there, I am trying to track down "just one last bag" :lolots: .

    Our first (overpriced) Australian coach opened here a few months ago and whilst its nice to be able to try the bags out in person, the prices are about double the US and a season behind.

    I am trying to track down the metallic gold Hailey, and really regret not knowing about it whilst over there. It is not on the US online store or ebay at all so I'm just wondering if anyone knows what its current status is in the states (sold out, about to go to outlet, in stock?). It just came into our store here and is $545 so if I can't get one online, I will suck it up, but after buying 8 bags at the outlets(!) my dh thinks I'm totally crazy.

    I would greatly appreciate any info anyone has on this bag.
    Total posting newbie on this forum, so please excuse me if not the right area. :smile:
  2. If I'm not mistaken I don't believe the metallic gold Hailey was released in mass in the US?! I could be wrong and I'd wait for others to weigh in but I seem to remember a gal finding one at the outlet and it caused quite the stir!!!!

    Hope u find your bag, and I'm truly sorry that the Coach bags are double the price US dollars were you live!!!!
  3. Thank you for your reply. That could possibly explain why it doesn't appear on ANYTHING when I google the code. The first pic I found on it was here on TPF.

    Would greatly appreciate any further sightings or knowledge....
  4. I have seen it on ebay, once. The pics looked to me that although it was beautiful, that maybe the metallic could flake off. This stopped me from buying it.
    Maybe you could find the owner of the pic you saw and email them asking about where they got it and more details about the bag.
    I'd advise you to do an ebay saved search for this bag also...it will email you and let you know when one shows up.
    Other than that...I do not know.
  5. Keep looking. I saw a metallic gold Hailey on Bonanzle or eBay (pretty sure Bonanzle) a month or so ago. I am new to Coach, so I have no idea if the gold was ever released in the US.

    Good luck!
  6. they did make it in the goldish/metalic colour but ive only seen it in the China / Japan websites but that was a while back ago.
  7. I bought the one from bonanzle a month or so ago. It is, indeed, a BEAUTY.

    And although metallic leathers inherently have some issues, this doesn't seem to be a particularly delicate kind of leather. It isn't all crackly or anything.

    It's a soft gold. Definitely keep searching. .
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    You are correct~It was only available on the Coach China and Japan websites earlier this year.
    The SA at my local boutique (I'm in the US though )was able to do a 'found' order (not sure what that means) to JAX for me to get one back in March I think?
    I haven't even used it yet though so I can't attest to any potential flaking problems w/ the metallic. Let me take some quick pics. and I'll post them for the OP.

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  9. Thank you for your replies. :smile:

    Interesting that it wasn't even released in the States. That would explain the seeming lack of them! I spoke to the SA here and they have 7 gold Haileys in stock. They have no control over what does and doesnt come in. She thinks it's all remnants coming from the US season and probably doesn't even know we are getting Asias leftovers as well! She was surprised by my violet chainlink Audrey. They only got it in the Maggie and Hailey.

    Thank you for your pics CA-Anon! Pictures of this bag are super scarce on the net. It is gorgeous. I am not a gold person at all, but it is such a subtle, soft and shimmery leather.

    Cosmogrrl - lucky girl! The potential flaking/scratching issue is a concern. Do you find it scratches/scuffs easily? I guess an advantage of buying from the boutique here is that it will be covered by possible problems.