where can i find this gucci bag?! help!!

  1. hi guys! can anyone tell me where to find this gucci bag?? i been searching all over the place for it. they dont have it on gucci.com anyone but have something similar but i want this one. i found it a couple of months ago and found it on some website. i tried to go to that site recently and it was shutdown! i searched on ebay too. no luck! :sad2: i really want this bag too! help!!

  2. I saw it on NM website but in the orange trim too cute for 895.
  3. I saw one similar at NM.
  4. it comes in orange or in white trim and I have to admit that I broke down and bought this one in a knock off and it is beautiful! I Paid 299.00 each and bought both colors :smile:
  5. that bag also comes in guccissima...i recently found one at an outlet :yahoo:and calling it gorgeous does it NO JUSTICE!:love: :love: :heart:
  6. i'm 99.9% sure i saw that bag in Saks fifth avenue nyc 3 weeks ago :yes:
  7. I saw a similar one at the outlet in NJ today.