Where can I find this Gauffre Drawstring?

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag? Special birthday coming up and would LOVE to find this --- HELP Girls![​IMG]
  2. Hi there...

    It *was* on both NM and BG, but looks like it's disappeared and no longer available. Will keep my eyes open for ya if I see it again. :yes:
  3. *black* was the color I saw it available in, not the brown as shown.
  4. Thanks padparasha, just pm me if you see it anywhere!

    Anyone else? Jill? Do you have this bag?
  5. ^^ LOL cause Jill is the Gauffre queen!

    I LOVE the bag too. Been waiting for a Prada Gauffre I couldn't live without. Love this one!
  6. love that bag!
  7. Bump!
    Anyone? The brown is beautiful, but black would be fine too!
  8. Hey I found more photos that might help people recognize it better.
    I'm on the search too!

    Hope you find it. I love it the more I look at it and it's my background on my laptop.

  9. Ohhh, Thanks mlowran!
    Black or Brown? -- will you take either?
    I'm going to call the Prada stores and see if I can describe it to them -- will keep you posted!
  10. Maybe you could even email a SA some pics? I know Jill's SA emails her from a store in New Jersey photos of stuff. Maybe she could find it?? Where's Jill- miss Gauffre- when you need her? hehe

    I would love to see black. I am definitely leaning towards brown. But I have so many brown LVs I guess I should go black. Hard to decide!

  11. I think I will have to email as you suggested mlowran! I tried calling & detailing the bag and sorry to say not one of the SA knew which one I was talking about nor did they know which bag SMG was seen carrying??
    Yes, maybe Jill can hook us up with her SA?? Jill?
  12. Thanks for the extra pics, it makes me want it MORE !!! LOL
  13. MEEEEE TOOOO! My hubby hates the LV forum enough already- he's very sad to hear I've ventured into the Prada realm due to Jill's influence! lol
  14. I saw a woman at NM yesterday with the black version of this bag - it was really nice. Try Saks - I think they had lots of this style in the fall - maybe one is still in the system somewhere?
  15. Still no luck justone?