Where can I find this dress?

Mar 7, 2006
the big apple
Thank you so much!! I was hoping for something cheaper though :faint:
Stalk ebay......you can often find it for much cheaper on ebay. But it's best to know your size in Black Halo first (and also if their dresses actually fit your body type.....e.g. I adore their designs & love how the Jackie O dress looks on celebs but none of the Jackie O's I've tried on (regardless of color/material/season) fit my body well.....so obviously that style isn't suitable for me). My recommendation is to first order from an online boutique with return options so you can figure out your size/fit.


May 17, 2011
Houston, TX
I tried a size 2 at nordstorm today it did not fit and they ordered a size 0 for me. I don't know whether I will like the fit, but I might splurge and keep it if it fits. :kiss: