Where can I find this city?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I am desperately searching for a black city with the smooshiest leather....leather that isn't crinkly, veiny or thin! The selection at my Barney's is pathetic to say the least. The bags look awful! I am most likely going to have to order via phone and I am weary of someone else selecting my bag. Any recommendations?

    So does anyone know where I can find a beautiful black city with to die for leather?? :confused1:
  2. You can try Aloha Rag, they had some in black as of last week. I haven't purchased from them yet, but from what I understand they are very nice about picking out the sort of leather you ask for.
  3. There were some Black Citys on eBay that looked great. I have one and I lucked out at Barney South Coast Plaza. Its the nicest leather of all my bags. I am constantly "petting" the darn thing!
  4. pretty sure Bal NY had Black City's also and I have had really good luck with the bags Daisy has picked for me -I loved them all :love:
  5. I personally would hold out for the PERFECT 05 City on eBay. I've seen some really gorgeous ones go for a decent price. If you don't like that route, call Joseph and tell him EXACTLY what you want. Or Daisy.
  6. I have a 05 black city that I love love love. I may be bias (since it's my bag) but I think it has the most perfect leather! :love:
  7. You should wait for an older black city to pop up on eBay. The older ones have such nice thick leather! Good luck on your search!
  8. i just wanted to say GOOD LUCK and I hope you find one soon!!!
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