Where can I find this Chanel bag?

  1. There's a picture of MK Olsen carrying a Chanel bag that i really love. Where can I find this?
  2. too bad sweetie I sold the same purse months ago:cry: but dont worry im still convincing my bestfriend to sell hers..LOL:P ;)
  3. Thank you! Please convince her soon AmourN20! I'm losing sleep over this :sad2: LOL!
  4. There's actually a very similiar one up on Ebay right now. I believe vita_prova is selling it.
  5. Is there a name for it? I can't see it very well in the photo.
  6. oh! I checked out ebay items from vita_prova and there are no chanel handbags for sale. maybe someone snatched it up. :sad2:
  7. wow! How could you even tell that was MK...?

    good luck on the bag!
  8. looks like Ashley and I love that bag too.
  9. What is the name of the bag intelset has in her avart?
  10. Hi there....I have been searching & longing for this bag for a very long time! Does anyone have ANY idea where I could locate one? I would take it in ANY colour at all....I am sooo in love with it :smile:

    Thanks for hearing me out!

  11. Is it really called the "Ultimate" as per the auction listing above? And what is the retail price??

    ArmourN20, could you give us more information since you used to own it? The leather looks very delicate, like it might scratch easily.
  12. Thanx Lily for auction info, cause I bidding on it now~~~~
    And ArmourN20, can you tell me if it looks real to you?
    Thank guys, and wish me good luck.
  13. ^the seller above is a shill bidder :amazed:
  14. Plus, does anyone think that the one above's interior tag looks strange?