where can I find this bag.

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  1. [​IMG]
    When to Balenciaga(Singapore) Yesterday...
    But what they have is only left with this !

    one of my Friends is heading Hongkong for 4mths.
    I'm looking for Design which is like this !



    Does anybody leave in Hongkong here.
    Or do you guys know the Price is HKD .....
    I really like those in Pink
    Thankyou Very Much...
  2. Welcome to the forum!

    I don't live in Hong Kong so I don't know which stores carry those bags you showed above. But the dark green bag shown in the first photo is Giant Mid Day, and the following three are Giant City. Mid Day does't come with a shoulder strap but City does. You could go to our Reference Library to check Bal styles and colors.
  3. I agree.. with handbag!!! Hello bag!!!

    Go to balenciaga.com and see where in the world they have boutiques.

    Welcome to the forum!!! looks like you like the giant hardware... ??? this comes in different shapes and sizes and three colors on the hardware - gold, rosegold and silver.

    Good luck!
  4. Anything GGH in Hong Kong is hard to find. You might want to order from VIP Station but choices are limited to Black GGH since other colors are already discontinued. Boutiques such as Joyce, Bal Landmark, Twist (if you are lucky) only carry RGGH, GGH is discontinued selling in these stores
  5. The styles you have in the 2nd and 3rd pic is the city and it sells for HK$15,500 in boutiques (there is 10%-20% for foreign passport holders).
  6. thankyou everyone for replying my comments it was totally helpful
    yeap I'm new.
  7. thankyou for helping .

    but so they have the one in black? :smile:
  8. Vip Station will have it only in black. But shipment for this bag comes in sporadically and if they ever have it, they usually have one piece in stock. You should get it right away if you ever come across one because it gets sold out within hours to a couple days once it hits stores.