where can i find this bag??

  1. I believe thats the smaller version of the bag im looking for .
    thanks for your help though
  2. That bag only comes in one size.
    It's called the Petite Shopper.
    It's the same one as in my avatar.

    It's part of the Timeless collection, so I believe a black wouldn't be that hard to find.

    There have been a few threads on it.
    Sort of confusing because it holds the same acronym as what everyone here refers to as PST, but it's a different bag :yes:
  3. When i called to find information about it, they told me it actually is a bigger size and the straps are longer . I saw someone wearing on their shoulder on another thread and it is much smaller than the one in the picture.
  4. Is this size in between the PST and GST? Does anyone know what colors it comes in? Love your pink one Sratsey!
  5. Kirsten's bag is definately the Classic Petit shopper as the other members have pointed out. I have the exact same bag and you can wear it over your shoulder easily.
  6. can you fit a lot inside it?
  7. my NM had one in black last Friday.
  8. It's a lot deeper than the PST I think.
    Definately not as big as the GST but it holds a lot because of the depth.
    I've seen it in black, beige, white and pink.
  9. Proportionately, it's more like a shrunken GST, as far as the ratio of width to height on both bags.

    The PST is more elongated. I prefer the Timeless Tote.
  10. does it fit comfortably over the shoulder ( if you wear a coat...etc.)?
  11. Very comfortable over the shoulder.
    Not sure with a coat though...
  12. i don't think kirsten's bag is the petite timeless shopper -- it's too big. here is a pic of miss moss with hers: