Where can I find this bag?? HELP!!!!!!!!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I *think* that's the Chevron bag, I've seen it at my local NM in Palo Alto.
  3. My NM downtown Dallas had one last time I was in as well.
  4. What do you guys think of this bag as an everyday bag?? I want another Chanel bag so bad! I haven't seen the fall line up yet so I don't know if I should wait!! I hate the Chanel website!
  5. I like it pretty well, although it's not the right bag for me.
    You should call and ask when there's a trunk show coming soon, my NM has their HCanel trunk show this Fri.
  6. i saw this bag at NM in King of Prussia PA last week.
  7. Are you going Swanky???? Ours isn't until mid July:sad: I saw a bag similiar to this in Chanel at the Bellagio last week. I can't really tell if it's the same bag-the shape may be different. The one I saw had a LV speedy shape.
  8. Yeah, I'm meeting KathyD there!
    The one I saw was sort of Speedy shaped, but a little flatter{?}, not so deep front to back.