Where can I find this bag for a bit less?

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  1. I LOVE this bag! Paddington Med. Satchel.

    I found it on Bluefly for $1488 but wondered if there's a place where I could get it for a bit less?

    I'm not savvy about Chloe so I'm hoping some of the experts here can help me find an authentic bag for a bit less than Bluefly.

    Thanks much!
  2. That color kind of looks like mousse which is from a past season. Your best bet would be to check ebay, and it's very likely you would find it for less than 1400. Probably closer to the 1100 range. Good luck!
  3. I had a quick looksie on ebay, and there are a few on there, does it have to be mousse, or would other colours suffice.

    saw this one, which claims that it was originally purchased from Roz (who is a member here)

    this one in tan, with the slightly smaller pocket, but similar size and another great buy

  4. Thanks so much! I'm off to check them out. :yes:
  5. Thanks, guys! I see a TPFer has one on ebay..:yes:
  6. ooh good luck, show us the piccies if you go for it :biggrin:
  7. Extra 15% off handbags on bluefly today, would make it slightly less. It would be even less if you bought it through a luckymagrewards link so you can get cash back!
  8. Nordstrom has this style going on sale--not sure you will be able to find the mousse color, but I know that the Bellevue, WA store has the same style in Tan.