Where can I find these?

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  1. I'm trying to look for a pass style called Fiorellino. I'm not picky about the colour although I would prefer black, purple, silver, white, brown or red! Is eBay the only way I can get them cuz I rarely see them pop up. Also, can I special order them? The size I'm looking for is 35 or 35.5.

    Any info would be great! TIA!

  2. I love this style too and will take any color as well, I also wouldnt mind the pump version Pompadouce. I am not sure about SO but for sure its an Ebay only find since its from 2003/2004. I have seen the yellow\mustard and green version show up several times in the last few months.
  3. Yeah eBay is the only place those will turn up at this point unless they take a special-order for this. BTW that style runs small and I think you'll most likely need a 35.5-36 (I fit into a 36.5 and it's a snug fit).